Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. It's hard to imagine Europe's and world's everyday menus without pizza, pasta and Italian desserts. According to our guests' opinions we're one of the best restaurants in Cracow when it comes to such meals. See why!


Traditional pizza

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Crispy, thin dough, Italian flour and best toppings. That's the foundation of our pizza which gets its distinct character from the process of baking in a wood-fired oven. It's one of the favourites of Trattoria's guests.


Italian specialties

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Italians love cooking with lots of vegetables and spices such as oregano, basil, thyme or rosemary. Parmesan, olive oil, tomatoes, onions, garlic and olives are also some of the most popular ingredients. We have it in mind in Cichy Kącik. We prepare our specialties such as pastas, risottos or seafood as they do in Italy!


Delicious food

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Perfect flavour of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes is a result of original recipes, fresh ingredients and chefs' skills. They make every, even the most inconspicuous meal at Trattoria taste perfect!



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White or red, dry or sweet... Regardless of your choice, wine is a necessary addition to pretty much every Italian meal. In Cichy Kącik we select the wines most carefully. Among other, we offer a selection of wines from Cracow's Srebrna Góra vineyard.

Have a look at our full menu!

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Rezerwacja stolika

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W celu złożenia rezerwacji do 10 osób, prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny pod numerem telefonu +48 12 341 79 32.

Dla rezerwacji przewyższających grupę 10 osobową, prosimy składać zapytania mailowo pod adresem restauracja@trattoriapergaminnullo.pl

Rezerwacje oczekują na Państwa przez 15 minut po czasie. W przypadku zmiany godziny bądź ilości osób prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny.

Szczegółowe informacje na temat obsługi rezerwacji znajdą Państwo w zakładce Oferta

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