Our Offer for business

Looking for an idea for a staff party which your employees will remember long after it's finished? Laid-back vibe and great food at Cichy Kącik guarantees such experience. Contact us and tell us what you need!

Family Reunions

Christening, First Communion, anniversaries, birthdays – these are just a few kinds of family reunions we frequently organise at Trattoria Cichy Kącik. Contact us and tell us what kind of party you would like to throw!


Looking for a gift which will make your loved one happy? An invitation to Trattoria should do the trick! Contact us and buy a voucher for your loved ones!

Lunches and Brunches

A break for a quick and light meal? You won't spend it nicer (and more tasty) anywhere else. We invite all the busy bees to Trattoria!

Tourist groups

We're happy to serve tourist groups too. Both from Poland and from abroad. We suggest contacting our manager earlier in order to make a reservation and set the details of the meal!

Christmas and Easter parties

A Christmas or Easter party with friends or family? Best organise it in our restaurant with good food and exceptional atmosphere. Check out our Christmas menu propositions!

New Year's Eve

Our Guests know where to spend the most extraordinary night of the year! Join us and party Italian style... only in Trattoria!


The flavours of our meals remain exceptional outside Cichy Kącik too. That's why we are always happy to prepare a catering menu which we deliver to offices on various occasions so you can enjoy our food wherever you like!

Seasonal meals

Asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, wild mushrooms... These are just a few seasonal delicacies we like to include in the menu in Trattoria. Fruit and vegetable lovers should check our seasonal menu frequently and look for new positions. Surely, everyone will find something they like!

Rezerwacja stolika

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W celu złożenia rezerwacji do 10 osób, prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny pod numerem telefonu +48 12 341 79 32.

Dla rezerwacji przewyższających grupę 10 osobową, prosimy składać zapytania mailowo pod adresem restauracja@trattoriapergaminnullo.pl

Rezerwacje oczekują na Państwa przez 15 minut po czasie. W przypadku zmiany godziny bądź ilości osób prosimy o kontakt telefoniczny.

Szczegółowe informacje na temat obsługi rezerwacji znajdą Państwo w zakładce Oferta

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